Clomiphene citrate: Reviews and facts

Clomiphene is an anti-androgen drug on Vermodzhe. In sports practice Clomid instruction used in bodybuilding in order to stimulate the production of testosterone, as well as to avoid side effects after long-term use of androgens and anabolic steroids. This avoids the athlete displays “rollback phenomenon” associated with loss of muscle mass, which has been set up on the course AAS prevent gynecomastia and other unwanted effects.

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Clomiphene citrate effects and properties

The basis of the antiestrogen drug is clomiphene citrate. This active ingredient is a synthetic origin and most similar in chemical structure with tamoxifen. Antiestrogens, which is actively used both in sports and in medicine.

Clomiphene citrate, hence drug Klomiver through it, not only have multiple properties and effects. It is important for athletes who use anabolic steroids androegnnye and for the development of physical fitness.

“Klomiver 50” (clomiphene citrate) blocks the estrogen receptor cell, suspending their activities, but not the process of production of estrogen. It affects HPTA axis, i.e., “HPA -yaichki” promoting increased synthesis of hormones LH and FSH, in turn, significantly increase the production of testosterone in the body.

Action Clomiphene citrate from Vermodje bears the practice the following improvements:

  • Increased synthesis of natural testosterone, which prevents the increase in the intensity of catabolic processes. This makes the athlete’s protected from the loss of muscle mass that was recruited in the course of AAS.
  • The manifestation of anti-estrogen activity while minimizing the side effects caused by a high degree of aromatization of steroids on the course (fluid retention, gynecomastia).

Antiestrogen Klomiver with proper reception has no negative effects and does not cause side effects. Deviations from the norm (dizziness, fever, headache, nausea, blurred vision) may be caused by overdose.


  • The drug should be stored in a dry place out of sunlight;
  • Storage temperature should not rise above-fall-below room indicators (25 CÂș);
  • Tablets should be safely hidden from children and pets. Clomid instruction used in bodybuilding

The use of the antiestrogen drug is recommended for sport for men, after the end of steroid course, the very next day. This will be the maximum protection from the “rollback phenomenon” after reducing the production of testosterone, and the subsequent activation of catabolic processes.

Recommended dosage Klomivera to eat at FCT is 50-150 mg per day (usually on the course used a dose of 50 mg per day). The duration of post-cycle drug therapy is 2-3 weeks, and can vary from the course taken steroids.

Doses are calculated Klomivera thanks to a convenient concentration of the active substance easily enough. To use the dosage of 150 mg, which is the maximum recommended in the FCT, 3 tablets need to moderate doses of 100 mg 2 tablets provided. See more here

Take the drug Klomiver best daily at the same time, he drank enough water and avoiding alcohol. With such simple terms of the effectiveness of post-cycle therapy (PCT) increased significantly.

Women receiving Klomivera for sport should not exercise. The drug is regularly prescribed medicine to girls in order to stimulate ovulation. However, “a sports course” anti-estrogen effect on the natural hormone levels of the female body is not the best way. And yet experienced athletes sometimes take clomiphene citrate in preparation for a competition.

Reviews and facts

Clomiphene, in addition to combat estrogenic side effects (water retention, and gynecomastia), helps to prevent post-cycle reversals, preventing the loss of muscle mass that has been set up for the course AAS.

This drug is very practical and has a convenient package for 25 tablets with active substance concentration 50mg / tab. This makes it easy to calculate the dosage needed for the application. Overdose is fraught with attacks of fever, nausea, dizziness, headaches and other ailments and disabilities. bodybuilding coach max pro steroids jim stoppani bodybuilding