Clomid or Clomiphene: Which is better?

Clomid is most often used by sportsmen and athletes to increase their own production of testosterone in the body. This is necessary after a course of testosterone or other steroids that have the side effect of reducing the production of testosterone. As Clomiphene helps in combination with other drugs, and it is to reduce the risk of occurrence of gynecomastia. Many scientists argue that by studies found that the drug stimulates the production of so-called LH, and, on this basis, the drug produces testosterone, but it happens not by stimulation of the hypothalamus and pituitary, but by slowing down and braking the production of estrogen.

The drug activates the estrogen in the body and present a completely different form of estradiol as the estrogen related receptors. Since estrogen is directly related to the receptors, then with it must necessarily be related factors. If this connection is not present, or more specifically, there is no ligament with a cofactor, the estrogen receptor then just simply will not be active. Various muscle tissues have different factors, and that Clomid allows estrogen receptors, and the factors to combine and thus be active in the body. The preparation is also an antagonist that is relatively badly influences the mammary gland and the hypothalamus, as well as the drug increases blood cholesterol levels and contributes to the problems of bone tissue.

The main plus of the drug lies in its defense, that it provides the muscle tissue. Especially good to use the drug in weightlifting or reinforced training where muscle sprains simply can not be avoided. Also, the drug does not significantly increases the athlete’s endurance and energy that allows you to engage in training at the percentage higher. When taking the drug a person can express different feelings, such as aggression to others, empathy towards women, or short-time depression. In any case, changes in human behavior occur, but each is manifested in different ways.

Clomid for bodybuilding

Restrictions on the use of the drug in particular, can be attributed only to women, as the drug most often used in the menstrual cycle, and it is because of this use of the drug in women is limited to 10-14 days. In men, no limits in the application no. Women as mentioned above, the drug is used during ovulation, men also use the drug to stimulate luteinizing hormone which ultimately leads to increase natural testosterone. This fact is useful to athletes passing a course of steroids because at the end of the course the athletes often notice a side effect such as reduction of natural testosterone. In such cases, Clomid is the best medicine for the prevention of re-reduction of testosterone, as well as the drug will quickly restore and normalize the body. Read more

Clomiphene – Clomid for drying.

Bodybuilders, in turn, found that taking 50-100 mg of clomiphene citrate on training days, significantly increases the production of testosterone. When training the accelerated increase of testosterone in the body is not undoubtedly be appreciated by athletes and it is because of these qualities of clomiphene citrate has earned itself an excellent reputation in the world of sports. As the drug helps at high levels of estrogen. Estrogen levels rise throughout the course of steroids, but it appears only at the end, and thus applying Clomid at the end of the course, you lead the body dose of anti-estrogens. healthy bodybuilding snacks anabolic steroids bodybuilding expo