Clomiphene citrate: results and medical recommendations

With clomiphene citrate (Clomiphene citrate) Synonyms: Clomid, Clomiphene, Clomiphene citrate Clomid, Pergotaym, Serpafar Pharmachologic effect It stimulates the production of gonadotropins and ovulation; It has a strong anti-estrogen effect. Indications for use Stimulation of ovulation; anovulatory disorders of pituitary and hypothalamic origin secondary amenorrhea of ??different etiology (except giperprolaktinovoy and ovarian forms) with androgen deficiency […]

Clomiphene Citrate: how does it work?

Description of the drug Clomiphene citrate 50 mg The drug Clomiphene Citrate belongs to the category of estrogen and has thus antagonistic properties. By its action is very similar to such drugs as Olvadeks, which works as follows: – blocks the action of estrogen on a special arc, which is responsible for the production of […]

Clomiphene citrate in medicine and sports

Clomiphene citrate – this is a non-steroidal drug is synthetic, its characteristics classified as an anti-estrogen. This drug has received the widest dissemination in medicine, and in severe sports. For example, in medical practice Clomiphene is used as a stimulant of ovulation.   With partial structural similarities with the hormone estrogen, anti-estrogen clomiphene citrate can […]